Xphor presents full series of 400G/800G SiP chips at CIOE 2023

作者: Xphor Ltd
发布于: 2023-09-22 00:00
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Xphor made its debut with full series of 400G /800G SiP chips for data communication, and shown its product Live Demo at CIOE 2023(The 24th China International Optoelectronic Exposition,from September 6 to 8, 2023) in Shenzhen, China.

The products are mainly used in data communication and lidar including:

  • 400G DR4/800G DR8 Transmitter: For high-speed optical modules and optical interconnect applications in data centers and computing centers. Ultra-low loss (only 1 CW laser is needed to support 4 channels); highly reliable Solid Optical I/O; support DSP direct-drive and LPO linear drive.
  • 800G 2×FR4 Transmitter: 2 low insertion loss MUX integrated on-chip for 800G WDM modules and data interconnect.
  • Single-Lane 100G Series Receiver: High-tolerance SiP technology with low polarization-dependent loss, high responsivity and large bandwidth for 400G/800G optical modules, active optical cables and inter-chip interconnects in data centers and computing centers.
  • 400G FR4 Receiver: Integrated multi-channel high-speed PD and high-performance on-chip DEMUX, providing scarce receiver integration solution; provide 800G 2×FR4 Rx chip, support single-lane 200G expansion.

At CIOE 2023, Xphor demonstrated the Live Demo of its latest product solutions, and the excellent product performance was highly evaluated and recognized by customers and partners. Xphor will further optimize the products in the future, provide customers and partners with more competitive product solutions, continue to promote the mass production and delivery of 400G/800G high-speed SiP chips, accelerate R&D of next-generation products and technologies such as 1.6T and LPO.

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