R.E.A.L Youth Ministries (Grades 9-12)


We meet every Friday at 7:00 PM (Sept - June)

R - Radical
E - Engage
A - Apologectic
L - Legit

If you have a child who is in high school or if you are in high school come and join us. We strive to be all of what R.E.A.L is. We know Jesus was the perfect example of that. We want to radically change this world. Engage with others and challenge one another. Grow in our knowledge so we may be able to defend the faith. Lastly, we desire to live it out. To be Legit. To be R.E.A.L. 

Jr. Youth Discover (Grades 6-8)

We meet every Wednesday night (Sept to April)

Hey!  We dare you to come out and discover what your purpose in life is; discover the truth about who God is and other life issues.  Join us on this journey and discover for yourself what God is all about in an environment that is fun, interactive, and safe.


Our next big event will the WINTER RETREAT Feb 2 - 4, 2018
For more information click below:
Information for Winter Retreat 1
Information for Winter Retreat 2

JAN - MARCH 2018

APRIL - JUNE (2018)

* Schedule may change depending on youth participation
* If school is cancelled on a Wednesday Jr. Youth night or a Friday Sr. Youth night. We will be cancelling that specific youth night.

Contact Info

Pastor Tony Her
259 Fergus St S, Mount Forest ON
Church phone: 519 - 323 - 1023
Cell: 519 - 323 - 8153